The search for Blogville Idol 08 begins....

Can u blow the roof with your voice?

Are you the Next Beyonce Knowles or Brian Mcknight?

If you think you can entertain Blogville with your voice continue reading this post...

The Second season of BlogVille Idol is about to start and you could be the next Blogville Idol!

If you are interested send me am email at or

to Miss Iyabo Opeke at

Now go warm up your vocal chords!

Blogville Idol summary
So i know many bloggers know about blogville idol, but if you are new to blogville and weren't here for blogville idol 07, here is a quick rundown!

Last year myself and miss opeke under the canopy of PinkPeke Production gave birth to a concept called BlogVille I dol and it was so

much FUN!!!!

Blogville idol is a music competition in blogville where we have contestants(bloggers) record & sing and then we post it up on the Blogville Idol's blog and other bloggers vote(via a voting poll) for their favorite.

Those with the lowest votes get eliminated and the rest go on to the next stage, this goes on till we get to the final two and then get a winner. The winner last year was dscribe.

To get a better understanding check out the last Blogville Idol here.This year we are making few changes first,we are not having judges only a HOST ..also,

CONTESTANTS will not be recording their songs via Snapvine(that voice recorder thingy everyone has on their page) most contestants didnt like using snapvine as they had to use their phone and free minutes to record!

So this year anyone who wants to contest will have to have an inbuilt voice recorder on their computer ( or record their song whichever way they please)and then attach it to us in an email and then we will upload it to the BlogVille

Idol 2008 blog...

P.S. Dont forget to email us if you want to be a contestant,you dont have to
have Beyonce or Brian's voice o(LOL)

We just want to be entertained in Blogville!

And we need more guy contestants all request we have been getting are from female bloggers! Guyz step up your game.

42 wannabee judges!!!

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