MONDAY JULY 21st THE GRAND FINALE...Abbie vs. Dammy!!!

PinkPeke Production presents...

The Grand Finale of...In 3 Weeks and 5 singing Session, we’ve gone from 13 Contestants to Two BlogVille Idol Finalist!!! They are...

Today, these Two contestants will be Battling it out singing two songs each!!!
They have stood the test and have emerged as the BEST out of the whole Lot!!!

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Ok, so we promised you some goodies!!! Its the grand finale and we thot it'd be nice to have other bloggers sing!!! We have Our host 30+(who has been dying to sing), Solomosydelle (her lil bomboy sand along-lol) and we have MZ Dee!!!

Sit back and listen to our Guest Stars!!

BlogVille Idol 2008 Guest Stars

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40 wannabee judges!!!

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